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Cosplay: Wonder Woman

Model/Cosplayer: Laura Salviani

Photo/Editing: Florian Fromentin


Are you fucking kidding me

People are capable of doing this and I can’t even drink from a cup without spilling some on my boobs



Author John Scalzi was on a roll this morning (currently 7:14 AM, 26 Sept. 2014) with a tweet he found from some guy sending out an “ultimatum” to women to “make a choice” between feminism and, well, men like him. So Scalzi launched into a truly magnificent set of scorchers, which I’m posting here for the delectation of people everywhere.

Also: I would like to thank that guy for setting the ultimatum. It makes finding a boyfriend so much easier when the undesirable ones wear a placard identifying themselves.



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Sleepy Zero


Underwater Puppies by Seth Casteel  [website | facebook | amazon]

[h/t: buzzfeed]


Legendary Week (Silver Day | Submission Day):

Malthael from Diablo III: The Reaper of Souls

Cosplayer/Submitter: SakuraFlame
Photographer: Anstellos

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